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Your Cast of Characters

In the last post, we discussed who you will be in your story; the hero or the victim. Hopefully you have all chosen to be the hero of your story. This week I would like to discuss who are you going to have as your cast of characters in your story?

All good stories don’t just have a main character, they have supporting characters who help the main character grow, learn, reach their goals and live happily ever after. But they also have antagonists whose sole job in the story is to tear the main character down, thwart their success, and cause drama. In fiction that drama is entertaining, but in real life that drama is exhausting.

Unlike a work of fiction, your life story is a biography. You get to choose if you will be the hero or the victim and you also get to choose who comes with you along the way. Will you choose people who support you, challenge you, and push you to be the best version of you or will allow your story to be dictated by the antagonist?

Life is not without drama but it is how you handle the drama that determines whether you are the hero or the victim. Will you allow drama to pull you down, make you lose sight of your goals, and fall off your path or will you surround yourself with supporting friends and loved ones who will help pick you up when you fall, help shine light on the darkness, and help you get back on the road to success?

Who you choose to join you on your journey through life defines the life that you are going to live. Choose your companions wisely. Choose people that make you better, support you, challenge you, and love you. Lose the people who are threatened by your success, stand in your way to happiness, and try to set up roadblocks.

Life is too short not to be happy and too long to be miserable. Make the journey a memorable one and one filled with love, happiness, and success and leave the drama to works of fiction.

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