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The Power of Friendships

Friendships are just important to your overall success as a mentor and coach. Just because you don’t work with your friends doesn’t mean that your friendships don’t impact how successful in life you will become. Friends come from all walks of life and from all points in our life. Some of our friends are from childhood, while others are new. When looking at your friendships how would you categorize your friends? Are your friends supportive? Are they contributing members of society? Are they self sufficient? Are they always in trouble? Are you always bailing them out? Are you your best self or your worst self when you are with them?

I know it’s hard to have friends from childhood who may still be stuck there. I know it’s hard to have friends who are just at a different level in life then you are and want less out of life so try less hard and expect you to do the same, but this is not friendship. Friendship is about support. It is about helping each other achieve goals and dreams. It is about helping each other be the best versions of ourselves. If you have friends that do not meet this requirement then maybe you need to reassess your friendships. In order to be successful in all aspects of your life you need to have the right support coming from all directions.

This is not only about your friends but who are you as a friend? Do you support your friends in achieving their vision of success? Do you want to help your friends be the best versions of themselves? Or are you jealous? Angry? Condescending? In life you attract what you put out to the world. If you are coming from a negative place you will receive negative things and this includes relationships. If you find yourself attracting the wrong types of friends in your life, you should take a close look at yourself and see what type of friend you are. Change comes from within and maybe you need to learn to be the better friend and better friendships will come your way.

Who will you chose to surround yourself with?

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