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The Last Flight

Lieutenant William Terrance Decker is flying his biplane and becomes lost. After flying through a strange cloud, Decker sees an airbase and lands his plane. Decker is met by American military personnel who are confused at both someone landing a plane on their airfield and the antiquated plane he was flying. Decker explains that he is with the UK’s Royal Flying Corps and believes the date to be March 5, 1917. It is explained to Decker by Major Wilson and Major General Harper that the date is March 5, 1959. With everyone confused, Decker explains he was flying with his partner Alexander Mackaye when they were overtaken by seven German aircraft. Decker became frightened and left Mackaye to fight on his own and believes he has died because of his cowardly actions. The Major General explains to Decker that Mackaye, a war hero, is on his way to visit the American airbase that day.

Not able to make any sense of his current situation, Decker is placed in a holding cell until the military can decide what should be done with him. In speaking with Major Wilson, Decker believes that somehow he can Mackaye but doesn’t know how. He believes that if he could take his plane back up into the sky, he could be taken back to the air attack in which he left Mackaye and he could do the right thing. Decker escapes the hold of the US Military, gets in his biplane and takes off. Mackaye enters the base and is asked by the Major General his knowledge of Lieutenant William Decker. Mackaye explains, it was 1917 and he and Decker were overtaken by German aircraft. Decker disappeared and Mackaye thought he had gotten scared and flew away to save himself but then out of nowhere, Decker appeared risking his own life to save Mackaye’s.

Unfortunately we cannot travel back in time to right the wrongs we have made in our past like some of those in the Twilight Zone. For me, the lesson in “The Last Flight” is to do the right thing the first time around no matter how scary or difficult it may seem. When making decisions you need to be guided by your moral compass, your inner voice that tells you the difference between right and wrong, the voice that knows your intentions and pushes you to follow through with them. When you listen to that voice and follow your moral compass, you will never be led wrong.

When you are faced with tough decisions, think about your legacy, think about how your life impacts those around you, and think about who you are and what you stand for. It can be scary taking action in the moment and not knowing where those actions will take you, but think about how you will feel if you do nothing. You can’t learn and you can’t live on the sidelines waiting for life to happen to you. Life is lived by making decisions, moving forward, learning from your mistakes, stepping up when life is hard, and having good intentions. When you lead with your good intentions, you will never be disappointed in yourself. Life is about making decisions and actions that make the world a better place for you and the people in it. Starting today, listen to your inner voice and follow your moral compass when moving yourself forward. What actions will you begin taking? What decisions will you make? And how will they impact you and those around you?

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