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The Big Tall Wish

Bolie Jackson, a boxer at the end of his career, prepares to fight one more fight. Unsure of himself and his ability to win, Bolie expresses his apprehension with Henry, his girlfriend’s young son. Henry shares with Bolie that he will wish a big tall wish for Bolie to win the boxing match. Bolie doesn’t give much attention to the idea of a wish believing nothing, especially a child’s wish, will help him in the boxing match.

Bolie goes into the ring, takes his punches and finds himself on his back looking up at the referee counting him out. At home, Henry, watching the boxing match on television, makes his big tall wish that Bolie and the other boxer switch places. Before the referee counts to ten, Bolie finds himself on his feet and the other boxer counted out on the mat.

Bolie is seen as a hero, winning a match he was set to lose. Bolie goes home and has a conversation with Henry about the fight. He shares with Henry what he remembers, being punched again and again and ending up knocked out and then suddenly he was on his feet winning the match. Henry explains to Bolie the big tall wish. Bolie dismisses the idea of wishes. Bolie explains to Henry that wishes are for children and that in the real world there are no places for wishes. Henry explains that if you just believe, the wish will come true. Bolie cannot believe, life has been too hard and too difficult for him to ever believe that a wish could come true. As soon as Bolie admits he cannot believe in wishes, he finds himself back on the mat in the boxing ring being counted out by the referee and loses the match.

I don’t believe in wishes but I do believe in believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is an act of love. Believing in yourself changes the way you and the world see you. When you believe in yourself you become more confident. When you become more confident you try new things, you put yourself out there, you experience more, you learn more, and more opportunities come your way.

Bestselling author Jon Gordon says “talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself”. We all have that inner critic that tries to “protect” us but instead puts us in a victim state. Instead of listening to your inner critic, start talking to yourself like a champion.Tell yourself how great you are, celebrate your accomplishments, focus on the value you bring, and love yourself with the words you use in speaking about and to yourself.

In this Twilight Zone episode, Bolie already counted himself out before the match even started. He didn’t see himself as a champion, he didn’t believe he would win and therefore he didn’t win. Had Bolie been able to see himself through the eyes of Henry, Bolie could have won the fight. Don’t be like Bolie. Don’t count yourself out before you even begin. Go into situations knowing you are going to win, know that you are a victor and not a victim, that you are champion and you are made for great things. You are enough to be as successful as you want to be.

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