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Stress; What is it Good For?

Lesson number three that I learned from my brother Johnny is stress management. My brother is a person who doesn’t get stressed out. Maybe it comes from his ability to walk away from situations that are stressful and revisit them when they become less stressful. Maybe it is his ability to look at the positive in what life has to offer. Or maybe it is just having an awesome sister. I think it is all of these but for the sake of this week’s topic we will highlight his ability to focus on the positive and how that has allowed him not to get overwhelmed by stress and life.

My grandmother once described my brother as someone who could walk into a room full of horse poop and search for the horse. This summarizes my brother and his attitude towards life. When life gives Johnny not exactly what he expected, he has the ability  not to dwell on what is lacking or what is too much to handle, but instead focuses on the positive. Johnny enjoys life and what it has to offer. To him, life is about having a good time and a good time doesn’t come when you focus on the negative.

When you focus on the negative that comes with life, you feel stressed, overwhelmed, out of control, and depressed. But when you look  at the positive in every situation, it is really hard to get stressed out or overwhelmed. When you focus on what has gone right instead of what has gone wrong, you see all that is good, all that is out there to be enjoyed, and all to be thankful for.  The more good you see the more good you will see.

Your energy goes to where you focus. If you focus on the negative that is all that you will see and that is where all your energy will go. If you focus on the positive that is all you will see  and that is where all your energy will go. How do you want to spend your life; looking at all the negative, feeling overwhelmed and stressed out or looking at all the positive in life and enjoying everyday as if it is a gift?

The only thing in life that we can control is how we react and behave. There is  whole world going on around us that we have absolutely no control over. We can choose to be stressed out and anxious over everything we cannot control, or see the good in life and be happy. How will you choose to see life?

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