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Stop Telling Yourself No

In last week’s post I talked about happiness and success. I believe one of the ways to achieve happiness and in turn success is to stop telling ourselves “no”. We go through life trying to achieve happiness and success but at times it seems to elude us. Why is this? I believe it is because we are getting in our own way and we hold ourselves back. We are our own worst enemy and our harshest critic. We claim we want happiness and success but we seem to self sabotage because we feel we aren’t worthy or we don’t deserve the happiness and success.

We feel we are not worthy or deserving of success and happiness because of the baggage of our past. We carry around with us all the negative things that people have said and done to us. In turn, we have internalized their dialogue and make it our own and sadly, we believe it. But that needs to change in order for us to be happy and successful and that change happens today.

The thing about self sabotage is that we have 100% control over what we do and what you say to ourselves. We need to start changing your internal dialogue to words of positivity, value, respect, and worth. We have to stop telling ourselves “no” and start telling ourselves “yes”. It won’t easy and it does take time but it is worth it and more importantly, you are worth it.

Starting today, stop telling yourself you are not smart enough to apply to graduate school. Stop telling yourself you don’t have the skills for the job you want. Stop telling yourself that you don’t deserve some “me” time to take care of yourself. Stop telling yourself you are not enough and that you are not worthy. Stop telling yourself “no” and start telling yourself  “yes”. “Yes” I can do this! “Yes” I deserve this! “Yes” I will be successful and happy!

We are all enough and we are worthy of what it is that will make us happy. Happiness starts with self. It starts with how we see ourselves and how we talk to ourselves. When we begin to see that we are enough and worthy of happiness and success, happiness and success will come our way. When we treat ourselves with respect, others will respect us. When we start saying “yes” to ourselves so will everyone else.

What have you been saying “no” to in your life? How can you start saying “yes” to your happiness and success?

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