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Motivation vs. Inspiration

What is inspiration? What is motivation? Are they the same? Are they different? Does one turn into the other? Inspiration is the hope and an idea that life can be better, that we as humans can be better, that we can make a difference in the world we live in and that our lives meant something.  Inspiration is the reflection inwards seeing and hoping that we have what it takes to make the world better and for us to better versions of ourselves each day.

Motivation is the drive, the desire, and the reason we want to be better. It is the fuel that turns inspiration into action. It is the catalyst that makes a dream or a vision become a reality. But what motivates one will not motivate another. Each person has a role in this life, they have a purpose. Not all people were meant for greatness, if they were would greatness be that great? Motivation is what separates us from being a follower and being a leader. Those who are motivated step forward and lead those who wonder without motivation or purpose. The leaders job is to inspire the followers giving them a hope and desire to change the world in which they live, to step up and be accounted for. The motivation to take the inspiration and make it an action must come within. The  inspiration that the leader provides is the followers fuel. It is the individual who must find the motivation inside them to want to turn idea into truth, to turn visions into reality. But not everyone will answer that call, but that is ok, for if there were no followers would we need leaders?

So I think the answer is inspiration and motivation are cyclical, one breeds the other. For one to exist the other must be present. One is an idea and the other is intent/purpose.

My favorite quote is by Ghandi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The idea that I can be this change is the inspiration. Wanting to be the change is the motivation.

Go forth this week and inspire and motivate yourself and those with whom you work. You never know who is paying attention to your actions and speech. You never know who you may inspire and/or motivate.

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