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Living Your Some Day Today

You have heard others say it and you have even said it yourself . . . some day I will “fill in the blank”. Some day I will travel. Some day I will go back to school. Some day I will learn a new skill. Guess what, some day is not a day. Some day is not a time. Some day doesn’t exist.  So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for some day to get here? Are you waiting for when you are ready? When you have money? When you have free time? I have some news for you, if you keep waiting for your some day to get here, it is never going to come. You will never be ready, you will never have the money, and you will never have the free time.

Life is enjoyed by those who know how to live their some day now. Every one has the ability to do this and it isn’t just for those who have time and/or money. Those who live their some day today have the will to want to experience life for everything it is and everything it has to offer. They don’t want to wait. Call them impatient, call them demanding, call them what you want, but they call themselves happy.

So how can you start living your life now and stop waiting around for some day to show up? Find out what it is that you enjoy doing? What are you waiting to do “some day” and figure out why that is a goal. For example, “some day I want to travel to Italy.” Why do you want to travel to Italy? It is for the amazing food, learning about a new culture, to see their churches, the idea of exploration? The list can go on and on. Pinpoint exactly why you want to travel to Italy and then figure out if the actual travel to Italy is not possible, what can be done right here and now that can fulfill that desire. If you want to enjoy fine Italian cuisine take an Italian cooking class.  If you want to explore new cultures, there is so much diversity in our country that people often over look. Travel somewhere in the United States that you have never been and learn about that area. The United States has amazing churches and structures that are just waiting for you to explore them. This holds true for any dream that you have. The way to achieve your dreams of some day are made with small steps. What small steps can you take today to ultimately achieving your dream?

For me, my some day adventure was Africa. Growing up I would read National Geographic and look in utter amazement at the photos of Africa. In 1992 I saw an IMAX show narrated my James Earl Jones about the wildebeest migration from Kenya to Tanzania. I longed to travel to Africa, but it was so far away. It seemed like an impossible dream. I kept telling myself “some day I will get there.”  I would read books about Africa, I would read books written by African writers, I would watch documentaries about Africa, and I would go to museums that showcased African art. In 2013 I finally decided that the some day that I was waiting for was here. It wasn’t because the day arrived on its own, I called it to arrive. I demanded that the day to go to Africa was today and not some day. I not only went to Africa, I made my own dream come true. This vacation was the best vacation of my life. But you know what I also realized, that the journey getting to this vacation was one that I truly loved. I loved the books that I read about the various cultures in Africa. Those books took me on a journey that I could have only experienced in those pages.  I loved viewing the art and watching the documentaries, again seeing things that even in person were not fully possible. I have since been back to Africa and traveled more throughout the continent then before and hope to travel more in the future. What holds me over in-between trips are the books, the art, and the documentaries. I still enjoy learning about the various cultures regardless of where that learning takes place.

What is your Africa? What small steps can you take today to be one step closer to living your some day now?

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