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How Will You Read the Signs?

Last week I talked about the path that you are on and the path that you create to get you to where you want to go. This week I would like to talk about how to read the signs that will appear on your path.  Whether your journey is on a path that you allow the universe to create, one that you create on your own, or one that someone else creates, you will see signs on that path and those signs are there to guide you.  How you read and interpret those signs will determine how far you will get on your path and how close you will get to your intended destination / goal.

The true purpose and meaning of life is not the reaching of the destination / goal but the journey towards the destination / goal. Your journey towards your destination / goal  is where you learn the lessons that help shape you, that help develop who you are, and who you will become. The lessons teach empathy, connection, strength, passion, determination, and most importantly, the lessons teach you why you are here on your path. Your path is windy, twisting, and turning. It has parts that are illuminated by light and parts that are so dark you can’t see the next step.  But what should keep you moving forward on your path is the belief that everything on the path has a purpose, that every twist and turn, lightness and darkness, is a challenge and a sign that is meant to point you in the right direction.

How will you read those signs? Will you see them as deterrents, saying that you are going the wrong way on your path or will you see those signs as challenges that you are to overcome and prove you are moving in the right direction? Some signs are confirmation and words of encouragement and some signs are meant to challenge everything you know to be true. The challenges are not for the weak and they are meant to help you determine whether you are on the right path or not.  The lesson in each challenge will solidify and verify that you are moving in the right direction. Some lessons are about course correction, changing the direction of your path in order to better meet your destination / goal. With each lesson you will see more light, you will see the path you were meant to travel, and get one step closer to your goal.

Life is meant to test everything you know so you can master the lessons learned along the way. It is at these tests or challenges that most people give up. In your past, how did you interpret your signs? Did you see them as deterrents and give up or did you see them as ways to make yourself better and stronger? What lessons did you learn? How will continue to move forward on your path? How will you read the signs that will be coming up in your future? A life worth living is a life worth working for and having goals to work towards. Life is about learning and becoming a better version of yourself. Life is about seeing the signs on your path as guides to help you to reach your destination / goal.

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