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Goonies Never Say Die

This week I will focus on one of my favorites “Goonies”. “Goonies” is a movie about dreams, friendship, challenges, coming together to achieve a goal, and in the end, never giving up. Goonies never say die.

When “Goonies” came out I was a mere youth loving the story for its sense of adventure. After watching the movie for the first time, I had my own “Goonies” adventures through my neighborhood pretending I was looking for hidden treasure. But as I got older I saw the movie differently. The movie was not only about adventure and believing enough in yourself to take the scary step into the unknown, but it was about friendship and teamwork. This band of young kids set out for one final adventure to find One Eye Willie’s hidden pirate ship. Some of the kids believed in the story and some didn’t, but together they all embarked on this journey not knowing what would happen. Through their adventure they relied on each other’s strengths to get through the many challenges they faced. Each person provided benefit to the over all mission; Mouth with his knowledge of plumbing, Andy with her ability to read sheet music and play the piano, Data with his various booby traps (that’s what I said booby traps) and Mikey’s heart to push them through what seemed to be impossible.

This movie inspires me to believe that life can really work out this way, whether it is in your personal or professional life. You don’t have to believe in someone’s dream or vision in order to be a part of it and make a difference. When you work together towards a goal, even if its not your own or you don’t believe in it 100% from the beginning, you can still come together as a team carrying our strengths with pride, leaving your weakness at the door, accomplishing what needs to be done, and most importantly never giving up. How can you be a Goonie in your life? Who can you help achieve their dream? How can you help those around you in your personal and professional life to become better and in turn making yourself better?

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