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The fourth regret of the dying is that “I wish I had spent more time with friends”. Again, like the other regrets, we always think that we will have more time. We are always banking on tomorrow and not living for today. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  This Mondays with Mooney is going to be a short one. GO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS. When you spend time with your friends, the other regrets fall away. Friendship is the cure for everything. When you spend time with your friends you are your true self, you don’t work too hard because you are too busy playing, you happily express your feelings and you are happy.  Friends are the glue that hold us together, they are the push we need to realize our greatness, they are the hug when times gets tough,  they are our cheerleaders, our advocates, our family and our home. When I am with my friends, there is no place I would rather be. My friends are the family that I chose. I encourage you this week to reach out the friends, old and new, and spend time just being with them and enjoying their company, enjoying how they make you feel, and enjoying them for who they are and what they add to your life.

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