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Creating Your Path

The past couple of weeks I have talked about being the hero or the victim in your story and who you should bring with you on your journey through life. This week’s blog I would like to talk to you about the path that you are taking through life. There are different ways to move through life; the no path at all, the path we create brick by brick laying each one down before we make the next step, and following the path that has already been created.

The no path at all crowd are made up of non planners, fly by the seat of their pants type of people. They don’t really care to plan life out but are willing to accept the risk of just winging it and accepting what life has to offer. These people are carefree and flexible. They take the good with the bad and let the universe choose where they will go and how they will end up. The path that is created brick by brick is created by people who set goals and ensure success will happen because they are doing everything in their power to create the perfect path for themselves. These people are planners, schedulers, and people who like to be in control. The path that has already been created is followed by people who are living life for someone else or people who don’t necessarily want to challenge the status quo. They are happy to live a life created and guided by someone else.

I suggest combining these three types of paths into your path. In order to be a success you need to be able to see where you want to go and you have to create goals and develop a plan on how you will achieve those goals. But you cannot control everything and you have to be ok with that. You have to learn to be flexible and see that sometimes things happen for a reason that you didn’t plan. You can see the uncontrollable as a challenge or a gift. Following a path that has already been created is a good way to learn from those who have gone before you. Learn from other’s mistakes and how others succeeded. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

The key to success is to make the path your own. It is about understanding what success means to you and what it feels like to you. It is about not dreaming too little and seeing that anything is possible. Think of all of those who have come before you and how what they accomplished seemed impossible at the time but became possible because they believed in themselves, they learned from those that came before them, they develop a goal and plan to achieve their dream and they make sure that they have the right people by their side when walking that path.

So as you create your path, where is it going to take you, what lessons will you learn, and who will you have by your side?

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