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Courage to Create Your Own Path

What path are you traveling on, the one you created or the one that someone has created for you? Are you just one in the crowd or are you one in a million?  Do you want to blend in or do you want to stand out? Do you want to be a spectator in life or an active participant?

Life is about creating your own path. It is about making the journey your own, defining success and happiness in your own words.  The beauty of your path is it is yours to create. What will your path look like? Will it be straight and narrow with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Or will your path be one that has ups and downs, curves, and parts that are not yet seen? Will your path be one that you travel alone or one that has guides and companions?

The sooner you realize that you create your own path, the sooner you will realize where you are meant to go and how you are going to get there. Your whole path does not need to be created from the very beginning, sometimes it is created stone by stone and step by step. Your path, though it is your own, does not  mean you have to walk it alone. Your path is your journey but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your path intersects the paths of others, your path has guides, visitors, companions, and it will have it’s fair share of naysayers and critics. How will you view those people and paths that your journey intersects?

Life is about making the most of your journey. We only have a limited time here and we need to make the most of it. Life is about being who you are and who you were meant to be. It is about listening and answering the call of the universe. Life is about living with intention and living with purpose. Life is about making an impact and making a difference. Life is about making your voice be heard and your path be known. Life is about being present and being seen. In order to answer the call of the universe you have to be you. You have to live for you and do what it means to be you.

Whatever your path looks like and wherever it takes you, enjoy the journey. Learn from those whose paths your cross. Know how you got to where you are but don’t dwell on where you have been. Look ahead and see the possibility of what can be.

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