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Christmas Every Day

This weekend I sat in and enjoyed some Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. As I sat watching movie after movie, I realized that they all seem to have a similar theme; that at Christmas, anything is possible. Whether the main character is looking for love, looking to have better relationships with loved ones, looking for purpose and meaning in life,  or looking to become a better person, all of this seems possible during the month of December. Why is that? Why is it that at the end of the year, we feel that it is possible to become the person that we wish we were all year long? And why can’t we be that person all year round?

Maybe it is the Christmas movies speaking through me, but what if we lived like it was Christmas everyday? What if we chose to live every day, week, and month of the year like they are the days, weeks, and month leading up to Christmas. What if we lived every day like anything was possible? What if we lived everyday like there was nothing to lose and we could live our lives doing things that matter. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to evaluate our lives and what has become of us, we spend the whole year filling our lives with what makes us happy. What if we lived everyday thinking about how we could love one another, work towards making our legacy one that we are proud of, helping those in need, seeing all the good in the world, and focusing on what makes life wonderful. Imagine what would happen if we lived everyday with intention. Intention to be the best versions of ourselves. The versions that love instead of hate, help instead of hinder, listen instead of ignore, achieve instead of doubt, and live instead of just sitting on the sidelines. What if we lived everyday, not just those days around Christmas, being the person we want to be and the person we are proud of. Imagine, just for a moment, how wonderful it would be for it to feel like Christmas everyday. What can you do in your life to make it feel like Christmas everyday? How can you live your life with intention and get the most out of your work, relationships, and yourself.

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